Bringing the Public and Third Sectors Together

Dizions provide scalable, easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions for organisations in the public and third sectors. Our solutions help our customers to deliver improvements in the quality of their community provision.

One of our key strengths is our unique understanding of the needs and working practices of the voluntary sector. This knowledge comes from over 12 years experience in successfully providing robust cloud-based information services to the third sector, under our Charitylog brand, where we currently serve over 900 charities, Not for Profits (NFP's) and Community Interest Companies (CIC's).

With the increasing levels of collaboration between the public and third sectors, there has unsurprisingly been a corresponding increase in demand for our services from the public sector. Here, our applied experience in providing practical solutions that meet the needs of charities is proving invaluable. Public sector organisations (PSO's) are now turning to Dizions to provide solutions that enable them to work together with their third sector providers, securely sharing essential information on clients who may be using the services of different community providers. All Dizions solutions for the public sector are now provided under our Crossdata brand.

In addition, many PSO's are now using Crossdata solutions for their own in-house provision, where the practical user-friendly design is greatly appreciated. Currently over 70 UK Local Authorities now use Crossdata services.

  • Improving communication flow
  • Improving community provision
  • Improving project collaboration
  • Delivering efficiency savings
Dizions services are currently used by more than 900 organisations, including:
Leeds SENDIASSAge UKCity of London PoliceKids SENDIASSHome-Start UKCambridgeshire SENDIASS